Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

official public post

This is my official first public post since announcing the custom group....

Due to recent events that changed the state of things permanently whether or not it was at an opportune time...the title of this journal will change, change being that....

The "conflict" is now over and is now both won AND lost for reasons that a few know more than others.

Now comes the official announcement to all the conscripted, vonlunteer, and unofficial members (including every single mutual friend of this LJ) that the Keller Maquis Cell is now disbanded.

We "won" since I'm now free of someone that tried to enforce her grip no matter how nice she really was...won since she's not around to enforce her book and magazine purge at least once or twice a year....won b/c she's not around and making me nervous whenever there's a purge that she'd forget that my classic literature and Battletech novels are OFF LIMITS to any purging...won because she's not around to appear to not understand what it's like for me to stay on top of all my online stuff, my shows, my school, my work, and hardly have any time to catch up reading.

We LOST because now the family is looking at bills and the rotten timing of now trying to figure out what to do with me and how the family is going to cope, and everything that I mentioned in the filtered section that I won't mention here.

Lost now because now more than ever after graduation I would have to do the difficult look for, at the same time, a job and an apartment close together and also close to bus and also close to grocery and a few other things.  Lost because there are now others desiring to control under pretext of concern about my welfare and so to (under concern) try to keep me from blowing money on other things first and not bills and to keep others from taking advantage of me.

So anyway....KMC is no more....default icon change and title change coming soon.
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