Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

The first entry....

This would be my first entry on here or any place like it. I'm kinda nervous what to type about. I was even planning on just reinstalling the scren saver I bought a long time ago for this computer shortly after I bought it and just put the computer to sleep and then go to bed but I logged on the net instead and here I am. I came here through a very sweet and totally beautiful friend that I met on this web community called Sixdegrees which shut down recently. She is so unusual and funny and one of the best friends anyone could have and her name is RiN. I have a few other friends that are as great as RiN is so I hope I don't get in trouble by any of them if they read this. :-) So anyway I was reinstalling the screen saver because starting in October, my mom and I kept having to take the computer into Best Buy to get fixed. The first time was when the main EXE file to MS Works became corrupted. We later learned that we were almost out of disk space and didn't know it b/c of all my games and picture collections. We didn't wait for a friend of mine to give me a copy of that file through ICQ, I just relented to my mother's wishes and took it up and they said that they would need to do the Quick Restore b/c the MS Works that was w/ the computer was on that disk so I paid $60. to back up the HD. After going round and round and being unsatisfied b/c they didn't restore it right...we finally got a "competent" tech that figured out how to do it the right way w/ the right numbers and got Works back.

We got home, I started deleting stuff I didn't need, I downloaded and installed a Cardassian desktop theme, and over the next two months the browser (Netscape) started to do the error message (not the one that says ignore and stuff) when my mom checks her mail and closes that window and the browser itself, a few other things start erroring at random too, the computer started locking up sometimes, things started to error right after boot up too, and sometimes when I have Juno up and running and/or when I close it and choose to go through AT&T for the internet, I or my mom got the message that the dialup networking wasn't working so we had to reboot to use it.

Eventually in December, (I forgot if I was still on the net or if I logged off and was trying to check the Juno through its own numbers) I was checking my mail and the software (not the computer) locked up twice and on the third time I started getting all these errors and whitebox errors so I just couldn't get it to stop...I shut off the computer at the power strip and turned it back on and it booted up...when it got to Windoze, it loaded the Cardassian wallpaper but then it showed two errors for the two most important files for Win98 and two white box errors...

This thing happened no matter how many times I rebooted and when I did CNTL-ALT-DEL there was NOTHING in the box...when we took it up to Best Buy they told us that the OS was SHOT!! And then a month later when we had reloaded everything except for the desktop theme of couse, my mom was on the net when I was at work and I had no time to shut down Juno and of course I was having some memory and other problems when having the internet running w/ Juno up and when she picked me up from work that afternoon she make the mistake of telling me when she showed up that the computer was in the shop and I threw a major tramatic fit saying how I hated my life and I couldn't believe that it happened again and that I lost all the new mail again (this was before I was able to back it up on floppies witht he wizard). So this time our tech told us not to reinstall anything or something...I forgot what he said exactly but I went counter to his advice starting w/ the Realplayer stuff...b/c my mom was looking at these funny pages and one of them needed the Realplayer so I downloaded it for her. I'm planning on spacing out greatly the reinstallations though...

Well this ends my first entry. I hope I wasn't too incoherent...
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