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I'm trying a new client...

it keeps better track of the flist too and has a time tracker on it too.

There's a new project I'm doing now so I can accomplish a goal so I can get rid of an expense in case I need to do that. It has a dual name...Operation Swan is the part of the operation when I level up Ultraman in Matrix Online high enough to be taken serious when starting my own faction. After that it becomes Operation Swan Song when I play for at least another month before I cancel Matrix Online altogether.

If mom hadn't twisted my arm to get on Medicare D I might not have had to worry about this now that she's passed. Now I'm maybe having to cancel MxO, possibly downgrading my LJ back to free, and then cancelling Battlecorps subscription and ordering each story because I think the majority of the $90. a year go toward maintaining the site and the forum because each story download costs between $0.95-$1.95 depending on length.

However what's left is this....The Sims Online ($9.99 a month and I swore and still swear up and down that if the game has become as bad as the critics say it has, then I'm going down with that ship and will not cancel, the only way I'll "cancel" is when EA Games pulls the plug on the last server when I am playing...hopefully I'd be playing when they shut it down...)

Juno ($9.95 a month....for the extra space and the ability to download email)

Medicare D currently $42.08 a month but we all know govt things now do we????? If it's a service, regarless if the service pays us or if we pay for the service (SSI compared to Med D) each year the benefit received from or the cost to pay to the program ALWAYS GOES UP.....

So yeah I wonder what it would be next year? All things equal (and one would be a fool to think that it won't go up but we never know in advance what price it would be) I would be paying $504.96 a year.

Altogether $743.54 a year.

edit: my intention in mentioning about mom twisting my arm about Medicare D is that I hardly if ever get sick so even though I know that there could be some freak thing happen where I might need it....why did mom ever have to twist my arm to get it anyway? Seems like a waste of money anyway since I hardly have a need for any prescription drugs so why pay a premium for a govt service when I am not that likely to use???
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