Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

Oh today's gonna be fun....

behind on my reading what else is new? First test this weekend. Probably open book anyway since it's on Blackboard since the class is online...possibly take it on Saturday since it's all weekend and Fri's cramped and sis and her kids have to...go somewhere...Sunday, and even though my router hasn't done it in a while I still don't trust it enough to do the test here at home.

Earlier this year soon after mom's passing, I had connection problems where this one cord was kinda loose just right at the plug that inserts into the jacksand I thin k it went to the LAN jack on the router. It was where at least once a frigging day (at least when I wake up) I get on the net and find I'm not on...I go to the Dell and learn the Dell's not on the internet so I disconnect the router and wait two minutes and plug it back in and half the time it would be okay for hours and the other half I'd have to spend minutes unplugging, waiting two, replugging, etc...even rebooting the system to see if that was it...eventually uncle just fixed the cables or replaced them but I still don't trust our internet as far as an online test that can only be taken once and doesn't allow retries is concerned.

Anyway gonna try and read some more before conking out...
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