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My router gets teh finger!!!

why is it that ever since mom passed, that the router acts up whenever something important like an online test happens? Obviously I still do have internet and I forgot when sis's kids come back from their other uncle's but hey I just discovered today that the first test in the online class is set for an hour time limit....

Anyway this is about the router *ahem* yesterday morning I woke to notice no wireless so I came in and the wireless light was off so I wireless...did it until I had no time and still no wireless but the Dell still had the internet. Come home from work thinking that the last time the router acted like this, I come home from work and the wireless was back. Wrong, the wireless was still I spent almost the entire evening plug-unplug-plug-unplug....

Part of the time, the wireless light lit up but not the LAN....
Part of the time, the LAN lights but not the wireless...
The few times that power, LAN and wireless lights come up, both were on the net for 1-3 minutes before the internet drops but ALL THREE LIGHTS WERE STILL ON!

Eventually I gave up when I just got the LAN light back and today I still have no wireless and have the laptop hooked to the router via a spare cable.

Gotta get back to last minute studying...
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