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You know...this past weekend....sis was cleaning out the garage that we filled up with all the junk we cleared out of mom's old room...well actually not for a garage sale since she got home too late to get enough sleep for one but yet she was still cleaning out...and I heard her complaining to aunt before she took me to campus so i can do my test about how some of the stuff she found in the garage and attic was practically useless stuff like an old popcorn machine that was we guess broke...since it was out there in the garage and yet 1) I think we did briefly use a replacement popcorn machine until 2) we started using the popcorn that could be popped in the microwave....

so yeah she was bitching to aunt about how some of the stuff she found cleaning out the garage was "dirty" and "nasty" and crap like that like the little damned "princess" that she always is...and of course I shouldn't be talking like this because I did hear her one time yesterday morning crying because she started to really miss mom....but still I can't help bot think while I was hearing her talk to aunt that " had me purge my books and crap at least once a year for the past two years but yet she never purged all that USELESS CRAP HERSELF??????????

Like ummm....she had all these books in the bookshelves in the living room that was probably from dad but I don't know why because they are plant books and crap and I always known/heard that he was a hunter and trapper and carpenter and crap why would he have PLANT BOOKS? and yet she hasn't purged THOSE??????? We have at least two encyclopedic type books that are obviously outdated and why keep print encyclopedias anymore anyway when we have the internet and Wikipedia (even though some critics say we can't trust Wikipedia) but yet she hasn't purged THOSE???? even though encyclopedias now are ELECTRONIC????

GAH!!!! IT'S NO WONDER WHY I RESISTED HER!!!! God bless her soul even though she was a total bitch up until she died....
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