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I don't know how much of this I can take but I must and I do love my family to a point.....

Not sure how much to take out of the bank for the Branson trip...hope it's not more than the vacation bonus I could get this year since I got one last year that I just put toward the laptop. I also am thinking about being tough and not fronting my nephew's tournament fees at the game shop since I do have a few more things to "stock up" on before next year and my money becomes even more tied up. Got the rest of the mangazines to get, the last Princess Tutu dvd, the last two Turtledove Timeline-191 novels (I saw something written that "To The Death" is not only the last "Settling Accounts" novel in that tetraology but also the very last under the umbrella of Timeline-191), and also the last manga volumes of Ai Yori Aoshi and From Far Away.

so anyway why is it that everytime my aunt and uncle come over I feel SOOO without hope????? It's always comments from them even though they probably know more about what I will be going through more than me....but still I feel they are still doing it in a way that makes it sound like horror stories or whatever and that I am without hope They do this both when I mess up in their eyes and even when I don't. When I do and aunt gives me a talking, she holds her assistance over my head and expresses doubt that I would make it on my own. She also does it whenever she thinks I'd leave stuff like the trash undone, I mean HELLO????? She doesn't understand that yes, I am able to take trash to the dumpster if in an apartment but there would be days where I would have a lot to do, days where I'd try to bust my butt trying to get done on time at work to get done for my ride so I can get home so I won't have to wait on someone else to get me home. So it becomes a choice between either going home tired or possibly going home tired and late!

Could I do the trash to get it to the dumpster on time every week and clean everything like a freaking "Felix"???? I am sure as hell ain't going to spend even more friggen money on a cleaner either...whih is what aunt commented on...she said I should set up a dusting schedule when I get in my apartment. Of course I would have to buy my own furniture, which got me to thinking that instead of busting down and doing only $300 a month from paychecks to checking after Sept and then stopping, that I would try to do it until I move out.

She also said that if I would want a washer and dryer in my apt that I would pay that a set up fee or just more on the rent?

My family is a bunch of "Felixes" make it all stop!!!! All these Felix Unger clones are making me escape to the bottle or worse.
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