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stupid router.....

don't know what the deal is with it. It always tends to have spells of trouble like the wireless going down and then I spend days off and on trying to reboot it by unplugging it for two minutes and plugging it back in and I get either good internet to the Dell, low connectivity, or anywhere from 2 minutes of normal operation to over an hour.

in the past it usually somehow takes a week and it corrects itself but even though it hasn't been a week, I doubt it would correct this time. For one thing it seems that since mom passed, that it started acting up with increasing regularity....seems to act up at least once a month and then it seems to give problems like once every third week and then every other week, etc etc....

With this recent case though, it started only a few minutes into me watching season 1 episode 6 of Space: 1999 on http://www.tv-links.co.uk/ and one of my sister's kids was on the Dell.

I know better than to be a straw grasper and somewhat superstitious or whatever one would call the following thought but it seems that whenever I am using either computer without anyone else on the Dell (I don't let anyone else use the laptop) and I am not watching anything on TV Links (especially not streaming an hour long clip of an old sci-fi show) I can have the whole router system OPERATING NORMALLY for hours and hours....proven last night when I had an internet radio station playing on the laptop with the speakers on mute while we all slept...

...but yet when one of the kids uses the internet or I watch something off of that site, THE WHOLE THING GOES DOWN....

I don't get it though because they've been getting on the net ever since they moved in and it just puzzles me and I even watched all the episodes up to episode 6 of that show with no problems at all and then all of a sudden the router is giving disconnections....

...and heaven forbid I tell my sister's kids that they can't get on the internet....my sister might have a fit about that and they would be upset that they can't play their little games on nick.com.

On a side note it's wierd too that the router would go down when the kids get on the internet but yet when the router's working fine and I'm on the net in my bedroom, how can it still be up when my sister goes in and hops on?

Another side note...how can I play my MMO's for an hour without bringing down the router? That's another puzzling thing...I was able to go through a mission on MxO and that lasts a long while and when one is moving around on those online games, there's obviously data trafficking going on and downloading and uploading and stuff.....


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Sep. 4th, 2007 12:47 am (UTC)
I can have a low connection and play MMO's too, and it won't let me even load google. Funny that.
Sep. 4th, 2007 09:47 pm (UTC)
LOL it happens to me really that often. I'm the only sloppy person left in the whole family it seems and when mom was alive she was too and Years ago I used to be able to use the transportation service of this local group that helps the developmentally disabled but gradually they phased out their transportation department to where not only do they not do that service for people not in their system anymore but they merged transportation in with activities dept. So I lost that and so my mom had to start taking me to and from work as well as school and so between the year that my ex-gf broke up with me and this past Feb she wasn't able to get a job anywhere (she claimed) because of taking me to work and back and to class and back and cleaning two houses.

Anyway I'm going somewhere with this...it seemed that when she was alive between last October and when she died, that the router only acted up once a month or once every two months, however, maybe it acted up more than that and mom was home most of the time to just have time to deal with it.
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