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I malfing hate customers with a passion!!!

I imagine a few of you would think I'm selfish and would say....

"Al, you've been out of work for two days, your sister been out for three...alot more are out for God knows how long, and it's not just Oklahoma it's all over the midwest practically......"

etc etc etc

My sis thinks I shoould be thankful that the both of us got more hours...extra hours and that the customers that are still out of work are comng in to eat lunch at my work and that my sis is taking care of more rooms and kids than uisual because of this icestorm but in my eyes, I see that every person has every right to both be glad about the extra hours and complain about being exhausted about the extra work.

Oh boo malfing hoo about the hundreds and malfing thousands that are still out of power in the midwest and state....if the electric companies have ANY BRAINS THEY'D NOT CONCENTRATE FIRST ON RHEMA BIBLE COLLEGE AND THE MALFING HOTELS FOR THE THOUSANDS OF ELECTRICAL WORKERS COMING IN FROM OUT OF STATE!€!!!!!! Boo malfing hoo about all of those that are hungry that are losing their refrigerated food and need somethign to eat and think that the ONELY place to eat is malfing Mazzio's!!!!

I'll be hunting those stupid fools on Doom and Rome: Total War until this war zone and state wide Hell is over and done's no wonder why I hate this malfing state and why I refuse to die in it. If I do die here I'd be yet another curse upon this state after....

1) Lucifer being cast out of Heaven through Oklahoma to Hell
2) the Canadian artic jet stream
3) every woman residing in Oklahoma getting uterine cancer in their 30s.
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