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hello all, missed me?

Wow an entire month of silence, who knew?

Anyway an apartment opened up for me but it's not in the place we have planned to wait for for me to move to while waiting for that better job but at least now I'm in the right end of town and on my own. Got everything pretty much changed over and now we have started to get the old house cleaned up for sale.

Ninjitsu is half completed and all I need is to get Kimm's part back. Not going to filter that comment since by the time everything is done, it would be too late for anyone to do anything. Everyone would see that now especially with a lot of "it" converted to electronic copies that what's left of print is really not that much. If there is a problem, then fine....I'll just get online and I know where to go to order the entire two manga series in bulk and I'll resist.

I have a cell phone now so if any of you want to get in touch, especially if any of u have ATT wireless, contact me.
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