Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

Not sure what to do about Kimm.... from what I keep hearing from coworkers and her family (in my own words) she is a slacker who makes it appear that she is reliable but yet on some things she procrastinates a lot and spends money like breathing air. For instance, back before her granddaughter was born, I used to hang with her daughter and sometimes daughter's bf as well watching a movie at the dollar movies and one time I was told about how Kimm's other daughter was upset over this deal about opening a bank account and Kimm wanting to be co-owner so the one daughter was upset because she knows that Kimm would "dip her hand" into it whenever she thinks she'd need the money.

Anyway this has to do with me since from last year she's been promising to get together to go over our resumes together and have one of her friends help us touch them up....still hasn't happened.

Something else that never happened is her getting my rpg manuals back to me.... Since I first arranged for the return of them with her, the first day it started to rain right when I clocked off so that time it was I that put it off...then last Monday came and Kimm stayed home instead of work because she was stuck taking care of the granddaughter b/c she was sick. Last night it rained again but I thought "She told me she's gonna call anyway so meh, just get it done if she does and hopefully it won't rain all evening"

She never called! I tried to call her she never answered! Called Rachel (the oldest daughter the one with the grandbaby) and explained and so supposedly she's driving them over to work and putting them in her mom's car so I can get them tomorrow.

If Rachel is half as bad as Kimm....then Zach and I have plans to get them this weekend.
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