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got more to say later but now....

sorry for the lack of updates (just felt I had to start out with that)

Anyway I just wanna get this out before I forget to comment about it.

There's sad news tohat is connected to it...Electronic Arts decided to close The Sims Online.

For the past few years since shortly after I started playing it, I've heard many other players including friends I made through the game complain about how boring it got, that there's no ability to upload custom content, players cheating, using bots and inflating the game economy and how it got worse with people leaving b/c they were fed up. I've read on forums where some of them that left were like "TSO is losing money for EA so it's time to leave the sinking ship."

Then last year EA tried to revamp the whole game by drastically changing it, merging all the "cities"/servers into one, adding the ability to upload custom content, took care of the inflation problem by resetting everyone's sims' wallets to zero and made this complicated common pool for when players "sell" a "story" or a "box of jams" or whatever....just a whole bunch of changes to not only stop system abuses but also to try to make the game into a money maker for the company by distancing it from the stigma of "The Sims Online" by changing the name to EA Land, changing every instance of the word "sim" in the game to "avatar" and they even started to think about what to change the currency name to from "simoleons."

That is...until...this happened (read the last para of this section)

When I saw the announcement on the forums I wasn't surprised but was still shocked and saddened. They did all those changes and was just about to make the graphics more like Sims 2 and still considering changing the currency name and they turn around and gave the 90 day notice.

Today I saw this below comment (that I linked to) and I immediately though "If that's the real case then...WHY THE HELL DID YOU GUYS MALFING CHANGE THE GAME INSTEAD OF SHUTTING IT DOWN IN THE FIRST DAMN PLACE???" :(
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