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let them come and get me...

I hate that stupid idiotic throwback, monkey faced, big eared mutant with half a brain sitting in the oval office. We do NOT need another subhuman creature like him coming into office next year.

Gas is up to $3.89 here....can anyone imagine the grocery bills here??? Maybe I ought to try and start a national trend and pick a day to start starving myself and maybe if enough people starve themselves nearly to death we could all prove that the oil companies and everyone connected to them like the sitting president are more interested in profits than the lives of human beings.

This includes pretty much almost all the middle easterners over there as well. They are guilty too. I mean it just rubs me raw that most of their towns and cities and stuff are squalorific and they choose to live without a lot of stuff but yet they drill oil and sell it and then get together and set prices and even promise to increase production to lower the cost but of course that was proven to be lip service since the news said it wasn't lowered ENOUGH and guess what?????? gas didn't really go down in fact, it went down 10 cents, came back up and then went up again! I mean they've appeared to have done alright for doing without for all these years but they think they have the right to charge the world out the ass for oil and gasoline???? What are they doing with all that money burning it? They don't deserve to steal our money!

If anyone over here has any balls or masculinity at all (especially the president), we ought to nuke the mideast with the exception of Israel and then use the oil we still have over here.


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Jul. 3rd, 2008 08:06 am (UTC)
Gas is $4.50 here.
Jul. 3rd, 2008 02:21 pm (UTC)
eel is that Cali?? The world has gone to he'll
Jul. 3rd, 2008 03:47 pm (UTC)
Jul. 3rd, 2008 03:55 pm (UTC)
oh near Taxachussetts LOL
Jul. 3rd, 2008 02:29 pm (UTC)
I just deal with the gas. I don't have to fill up often like some crazed people who drive hours to work and back. Also, its the environmentalist people that are causing a fit about us drilling where there is oil. So don't go and blame it all on the President. I agree though the gas prices have gotten ridiculous. Luckily one our local gas stations actually stays way below 4 dollars cause they make their money off the convenient store.
Jul. 3rd, 2008 07:01 pm (UTC)
that would be when our "well regulated militia" comes in. LOL. Let's off the wackoes and nuke the Saudis :P
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