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Tried posting from work during break today but couldn't. The ipod kept showing full signal from the wifi but yet I kept getting the "couldn't find the server" message. The weather was dreary with off and on raining and earlier I tried to sneak a quick lookup to find out the name of an artist that a coworker was asking about and I couldn't pull anything up then either....though right when I started my break I was able to search it...and then when I tried to make a quick post I did pull up my journal but when I clicked on the post link, that's when I kept getting the message. Also I dunno what's going on but at work a few times today when I get through a podcast and I go to switch to another, I notice the pod looks like it was rebooting like it turned itself off and on by itself because I pull it out of the case and it was showing the apple on the screen.

Anyway it was slow, humid, dreary, and it was like the weather couldn't make up it's mind between that and rainy and not rainy and sunny....meh
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