Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

well slacking again...

haven't even resized the TSO closing pix but would do so soon.

Been quite nervous recently trying to do my boss a favor and check to see if my annual bonus/vacation pay would be considered income to SSA and it is but my aunt didn't ask if it is because payroll does withholdings on it too. I'm concerned now if it would remind them or make them look at me harder and then find something like as in all those years that dear ol mom either intentionally or unintentionally withheld the information we all learned last year after her passing that my old managers kept me on the stupid clock for about another hour every day just to make me complete my job to their satisfaction.

Boy was that a run on sentense or what?

I am glad I still need to take two weeks off in Nov though because I work through the week and all I want to do when I get home is relax and then I have to turn around on Friday and stay a night or two at sis's so we all can go and work on the old house to get it ready to sell (each and every weekend we do that) and then every Sunday in SL there's all the church services I go to. So I haven't reinstalled Windows on the old Dell yet so I still hooked up to my internet via ethernet on the laptop (the router has been screwed and needs to be recalibrated since I was convinced that it should stay with sis until she gets herself a computer and then when she finally did it took days before I got the Dell back and apparently being unplugged for that long the router lost the settings).

My original pick for voting this Nov, Dr Grundmann, wasn't nominated however his party nominated Chuck Baldwin who happens to also be a Baptist preacher in Florida. Better than the know-nothing Democrats or backstabbing Republicans, right? If only we could get John and Jane Q Dumb to realize there's more than Red and Blue out wonder Green Day has a song called American Idiot. LOL
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