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sorry again....

It's been so long and again whenever I have a lot to say, it is a lot and I never feel like doing it on my iPod when it takes me longer than it does when typing on a normal keyboard with my fingers at the "home keys."  Then when I do have something to enter...I either forget or I get distracted or both.

Hmm let's see what happened since the last time I wrote which was early October:  Had a continuing issue between my pod and the laptop which I think I figure out...the new software on the pod enables the ability to save images by either tap-holding on a pic in Safari or whatever or in the Wikipanion app, and also the iDoodle Lite app also has a save function that puts stuff in a picture subfolder named "saved pictures" and I didn't realize until recently that when I plug in my pod into a computer, normally some kinda camera wizard pulls up that would help transfer those saved pics to the computer.  However for some retarded reason, instead of pulling up that wizard, when I go to try and sync the pod with my library on the laptop, the laptop crashes...bluescreen and all and if I leave it plugged in, it bluescreens again when the laptop does a scandisk.  A coworker thinks that it could be because the D: partition is too full of podcasts and stuff.

Yea my laptop is always wierd....before this latest wrinkle, it used to do a "da ding" repeating sound when I play Albatross 18 but now this plus the sound dragggggggs sometimes.

Anyway onto how I figured out the thing with the iPod and the camera wizard.  I had confirmed that until I'm able to be free to get another job, essentially, that as long as I'm at Mazzio's I'd need to take two weeks off every November in order to try and keep my disability benefits.  I then had a deal with my manager to make it easy on him to take the first week and the last week off.

The first week I finally worked on getting the old Dell reformatted in order to get all the darn junk off of it including all programs that aren't needed and the spyware that mysteriously got on there.  Eventually I not only figured out how to get as far as getting the ethernet on the wifi router working, but I went ahead and downloaded itunes to the Dell and decided to try to get as much of the most numerous podcasts onto the Dell as possible so I can free space on the laptop...then while trying to get the pod to sync with the dell and somehow get it to transfer the music and apps onto the Dell, it did the camera wizard which never happened on the laptop.  Wierd I know.

I think that if I don't have a "saved photos" folder that it won't do but I'm not might be instead something about the ver 2.1 software on the pod.

Anyway I am still struggling with getting the wifi fully functional so I'm still obviously working on it.  During all this though, when I was working the two weeks on, my manager suddenly got into a transfer.  Him and the two other managers got transferred to two different stores and so far I mostly hate the new general manager which could wait until another time.  I was even afraid he'd pull a little "accident" where he'd cut my hours and be like "well at least you aren't earning more than $900. a month...." and/or screw up my other week off.  I mean hell....I don't wanna work more hours and endanger my disability benefits but at the same time I don't wanna get cut and cut and cut and cut possibly back down to 16 hours a week and possibly less on his whim.

I'm even afraid that the regional manager and him would be "pulling a Doug Cromwell" on me.  Quite a lot of you guys probably don't get the referrence but when I worked at Pizza Hut, Doug was the equal to a Regional Manager.  He never did like disabled people working under him for some reason though I was hired by a more open minded manager...I went through several managers at that Pizza Hut and during all that time Doug was trying to bribe them to find a way to terminate me.  Finally he was able to manuever someone into the hotseat that could be controlled and he successfully bribed him with a bonus to terminate me with the excuse that there was a labor shortage.  When mom picked me up I had to break it to her of course that I was laid off so she went in and asked and they essentially made the mistake (the manager and Doug) of saying they went down a list and chose me to lay off...essentially admitting to singling me out for termination.

After the fact, one of my good friend coworkers at the time, stopped by the house with copied evidence and told us about Doug trying to get each manager to terminate me and also some deal with the previous manager to give me one month after the new manager starting his job before deciding either way but of course he already made a decision.

Anyway now I think that David the RM got this Tim guy to be General Manager in a move to "pull a Doug" on me.

Anyway that is mostly all....had a good Thanksgiving regardless...Hope you all had one as well.
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