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concerning news and a surprise....

I'll do all the dirt on the OC nazi psycho new manager Tim later but this past week I printed my new schedule and he cut back some people and even cut me back however I still think he's after me...whenever my hours get cut especially after a while of them staying the same, I am always concerned that I'd be cut, cut, cut, cut, cut until I'm working so little hours it might as well be that they terminate me.  He now thinks he can schedule me getting off at 3 PM instead of 3:30...nice try "Kim Jong Il"...you can go step in cat shit and eat mine as well as eat the final sphincter emmissions of the dogs that mom and I put down years ago.  As for me, as long as I work that day...I'll work until 3:30!  If I see that Tim cuts me further as in gives me a surprise day off, that'll be when I squawk.

I recently think that maybe he did this sorta thinking ahead to when the minimum wage goes up to $7.25 but that's half a month away and until that time I don't think I could really afford 9:15-3  So I say screw Tim and malf him up his bum.

Oh and take a close look at my profile page hehe :P