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Happy New Year (??)

I know it's been a looong while...done this before.  Anyway things have happened but since part of them are of a sensitive nature they would be filtered into the appropriate category and the rest goes here.

Christmas and New Years were.......ok....

Forgot to remind sis about her thinking about getting me the first season of Jericho but she did get me a new sweater and new bedsheets.  From the church I used to go to, Mom's old church, I got a gift card for Walmart so sis helped me pick out some apartment stuff like a cutting board and a bigger clothes hamper.

New Years I didn't spend with sis and her kids for the filtered reasons and because of things that come up, plans with a friend to go see Valkyrie at the theater had been pushed back until New Year's Eve and what we planned for NYE pushed to NYD...however the friend called in "sick" so it appeared the same night we spent NYE at her mom's (she used to be my coworker and her mom is currently my coworker).

Then finally the dirt you all have been waiting for about OC Nazi bastard Tim, the reason I gravedug the icon haha.  So in middle November the Area General Manager David shuffled things around and wanted the 71st and Aspen location to be a training location and shuffled all the management out of my location and put two in the Aspen and took management from there to here.  I was concerned about the other half of my schedule request because of it...anyway I thought after I met Tim the new General Manager that he was ok at least until later on the first day when he started all of his bullshit.

It would be easier for me to just jumble up all his little OC little bullshits he loves to do to date....  First instead of what the shift had been doing for months and years up until then (piling up dishes and not scraping if we're very busy and then scraping off and soaking them when we have time) Tim expects us to scrape them off RIGHT WHEN we bring the dishes back to the dish pit and if he sees it not happening he's like "Who has been bringing them back and not scraping them off and stacking them up?" because instead of scraping and dumping in a sinkful of water he expects us to stack them up in orders.

He also like commandeers my own dishpit so he could get the dishes done as fast as he wants to and/or so he could make sure everything in that area is as clean as he wants it to be...I mean geez he's like Kim Jong Il...I just wish he would just pack up and move to malfing gorram Pyongyang in North Korea if he wants things that clean...either that or have a heart attack to teach him a lesson or even better than that...just DIE.  What's more is that at first he cut my hours so that I am supposed to be off at 3 PM across the week so I can try to pace myself to where I can still get off at 3:30 because frankly, even though I have this and the DAC income, I do have bills from both the apartment and mom's old house and I can't afford to get cut.

So what's worse than that???  The other week, claiming high labor and low sales, he cut everybody including me!  Even though some have been cut to where they're not on the schedule at all, I've not been cut like this.  Today I was scheduled until 3 and the other days of the week (work week starts on Thurs) I am scheduled until 2!  I mean screw the economy, screw low sales, screw high labor, SCREW TIM!  When there's nothing else to do and/or Tim tells me I can go...I will "go"....out to the dining area, sit down ON THE CLOCK and wait until 3:30!  I mean this is bullshit!!!!  I got bills for two different places, Keri has a baby on the way, Kimm is poor for her own reasons and yet because "labor is high and sales are low" we are all cut???

What's weird is that between all these months there have been two little notes the latest being today under the title "why have my hours been cut" and some of the things he listed as to how he apportions hours include that if you're willing to be available at any time and able to work at more than one thing then you get the hours and if not then your hours will be cut....the new note/list claimed that the hours were recently cut because of people monkeying around (which I can see and understand) and the not being available at all times and sitting in the car and smoking, etc...I mean until it's proven that he's not trying to get rid of me or that David Gabriel is wanting me to get rid of, I have lots of reason to not believe that he isn't out to get me.

I'm even afraid to bring up to the one that I 100% trust that I was supposed to have an evaluation last November that John never did before he got transferred because I'm scared that Tim would pull all of my marks down because I don't do things exactly as he wants them to be done.

Anyway this is the end of the unfiltered segment.
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