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**smoke from orifices**


That's it, I quit watching!!!!!!!!

First Shii Ann gets voted off by that traitorous spawn of that traitorous, backstabbing, matricidal Steiner bitch Penny and now my second favorite Erin gets voted off right after her!!

I'm not going to watch the Thailand season anymore...nothing left now this season except a bunch of guys and old fart women and Penny, who might as well be related to Katherine Steiner if Katherine was a living person outside of "The Novels".....but still Penny might as well be a Steiner because there is no such thing as a "good Steiner" living, dead or otherwise.

Heck, if I do change my mind it would only be to see and HOPE for how quickly Penny gets her worthless damn ass voted off that island. If it was up to me, I'd borrow one of those mini-nukes the govt is developing and go to that island and give Penny a combination one way ticket off the island and express Uranium/Plutonium enema!!

Now tomorrow, even HALF A BUS would be TOO MUCH....regardless if tomorrow isn't an "every other Friday," the first of the month, the fifteenth, or the end of the month!

Can anyone tell my weekend is already not starting to be happy????????
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