Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

yea a looong time

Never been motivated really for two months. My ankle is now 100% better thankfully.

I will do a filtered post about the last thing I talked about in there soon definately.

As far as Tim "Kim Jong Il" my manager goes he snipped everyone's hours and snipped me back to clocking off at 2 and at 3 on Fridays and claimed many different things including slow business and stuff. At first I resisted by stopping work and just sitting out in the dining area and hanging out on the clock and then sneaking up to clock off at 3:30 but then....

One Saturday last month I checked the mail and got a big envelope from Social Security. It was a form they wanted me to fill out because they are finally doing a review on me. More recently I got more paperwork which they wanted more detail on my work history and stuff.

This has gotten me to thinking though...the last time I had a benefits review was shortly after Bush got elected for his first term...this time there's a new president. I wonder if every time a new president gets inaugurated everyone gets their benefits reviewed but if the president gets reelected there isn't?

anyway since I'm being reviewed I decided to take some advice and just clock off whenever the schedule says for me to clock off and that would make me look even better to the SSA while they review me and hopefully they won't cut me off before I am ready for them to cut me off. It would be terrible for me to lose the benefits with the "albatross" of mom's house still around my neck before sis and I sell it.

Also I got my wireless router fully functional again. Wheee! Can be in Second Life now without the "6 year old computer with single core processor lag" which causes chronic logouts when there's too much to load (ie: textures, scripts, movements, etc) since now I can do it from my laptop without having a physical ethernet connection to the broadband.

Oh and I finally have all five seasons of Sliders. Found them on iTunes and since my copy of season 3 has the one disk with the nasty skipping I got it on iTunes and got 4 and 5 too.

I did get season 3 at Sam's Club when it first came out and I think I put it on the Walmart Card and it was my first exposure to the irritating phenomenon of "dual disk" (with no label on the disks and content on both sides) and how easy skips can be had on them and so I got to one disk and it was skipping bad and I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and CLEANED and it still skipped! So I returned it and I couldn't find another copy so I forgot what the deal was but there was some problem and some indecisiveness so instead of credit back or cash back I got a gift card...I couldn't find a copy at the nearest Walmart or anywhere so I ordered from the website...

Anyway I got the replacement but by the time I got to the third disk on the replacement...I found a NEW SKIPPING and had the same problem but by that time the return window had passed (I was still having classes in college then and was busy).

So now I have all five seasons with all but the first two seasons on iTunes so not have to put up with that skipping crap.

Windows updated so a good time to end this.

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