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Today was very active indeed.

The lunch rush was quite busy today since a lot of people are apparently off for Good Friday though I don't see why so many are off just because it is Good Friday. It's not like Christmas or Thanksgiving or whatever and....I dunno I just expect still fewer people being off because it hasn't ever been turned into a secular thing and it's very hard to turn it into a secular thing like Easter. I mean if people can work on Sundays including Easter and Easter isn't known as a Federal "holiday" then why would there be so many people off on Good Friday?

Anyway early on in the day I was asked by "Kim Jong Il" if I had read and signed the note. Apparently there was an addendum to that idiotic CLI note from the other day that stated the goals for the day so I just signed and wrote under the name "(it's not that we should have [the scores] at these levels, we WANT them to be...) LOL"

I haven't gotten any flak for writing that on the note.

At the end of my shift sis came to pick me up so we can both go grocery shopping and she explained that since she had a busy day driving around and Tom was tired that she was wondering how much food credit I had so I treated everyone to dinner and then the grocery shopping started and then I came back, put up my groceries and am here. :P
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