Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

Read a little

Am about to go on Realms to justify me going online for "a few minutes" in addition to positing this.

I watch "Providence" every Friday but last night I was a little stunned when I realized while watching the commercial for the end of the Wedding story arc that Syd's wedding will be the Series Finale!!!! I am stunned that for some reason the producers seem to think that there's nothing more to be done with "Providence" once Sydney gets married.... I think it's so stupid! "Oh my god, we can't write anymore about Sydney or anyone else on the show because she's married...incredible writers block!! Let's write off the show!!"

I thought the show was about Sydney's life and her family and how they live it and interact with each other....could it be that I was wrong and it could have been always about "Syd's single and unmarried and a career woman doctor and is looking for the right guy"??

I wonder how long "Providence" has been on as a show? I don't remember seeing the pilot episode...I even probably started watching it a season or two into the series.

Another question is....what the heck do I watch at 7 PM on Friday nights or tape at that time on Friday nights now? LOL

Went to K Mart today and got a 2003 Lord of the Rings calendar, a glass frog shaped votive holder, and a copy of ABBA "Arrival." Kick ass...
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