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Well I kinda blow hahaha

haven't written here for weeks, thought about doing a little cheating on NaNoWriMo and start writing early so when I go back to work from my stay-cation, work wouldn't throw me off....but I didn't cheat.

I'm gonna die!!! ROFL 1667 words a day? especially when I go back to work the last half of the month? When I walk my sis down the aisle one of these four weekends? Note to self, don't pull an all nighter on NoDoz and coffee and sake on THAT Friday!!! LOL

Also....I still remember mostly that dream I had from the last entry. It just involved some weird get together in the produce area of Reasor's South but the only person that stood out to me....was an old friend that I once went to church with. Well she used to be my friend until I pissed her off after Tina was murdered. Her name before then was Heather McArthur and I had a very big crush on her. Anyway we were close friends and back then I didn't know the real actual reason why I broke up with my first gf but my last letter to Heather after Tina's murder said some rather mean things about Nhu that I thought was the reason why I didn't want to be with Nhu anymore and so in the reply Heather told me off and I learned that she was either back with her bf or they never broke up in the first place and I heard they married and I never heard of her since.

Anyway in the dream we met up again and we both said hi and started catching up, telling what had been going on in our lives since the mid nineties. The weird part is that I woke up with the feeling that I told her EVERYTHING that I thought, the whole scary crap that I was thinking since getting wrongfully terminated from Pizza Hut, me going out with Angela and then breaking up with her and how it was because she "wasn't smart enough for me" and how to this day I nicknamed her "dumb ass" and "idiot" and then the whole crash and burn with meeting, dating, and everything else with Sheila and then the horrible fights with my mom and then her having the heart attack....

and she didn't even react how I thought she would....she just hugged me and became my friend again.

Anyway it just turned twelve, IT'S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!!!!
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