Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

Why is it...?

I know of at least one of the few that has me on their friends list could answer this question. ;)

Why is it on a TV show that has Hispanic characters, why the producers/writers have them say about 5 words in Spanish in a mostly English dialogue? I think that is so lame!! I mean there is more than one way to show one's ethnicity and background: skin color; accent; opinions and beliefs on family and friends and society....

So why is it that Hispanics just HAVE TO speak FIVE WORDS of Spanish once every month or week or whatever to show that they are Hispanic??? Especially since no Asian character on TV says five words in Chinese or Japanese or Hindi or Vietnamese every month or half month...

Same thing for Croats, French, Germans, Scandinavians, Russians, Greeks, Italians.. (very seldom do I hear a string of Italian words)....and I only heard Polish ONCE recently that I remember...and that was on the new show "American Dreams"....
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