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I know it's been a while....sorry....

Anyway the food after grandma's funeral was as expected. I always wonder why everytime my grandma's/sister's church does such blah food whenever they do these get togethers but of course I never ask and it's just as well I don't.

Christmas was ok. I got my nephew Assassin's Creed II and for some reason I forgot what I got my niece and stepniece. Got my sis the fourth season of Grey's but I guess she's too busy bonking the new hubby or allowing him the sports junkie to watch too much ESPN because she hasn't even read all the Days printouts that I got her much less catch up on our soaps and such. Stupid football fanatics...they should just malfing ruttin die!! Stupid normbirths.....

Anyway speaking of normbirths the other month I came into work and saw a management note that essentially called attention to the fact that business was "really slow" and for that reason there would be cuts for 2-3 weeks "at least" and I thought, "yea right more like AT LEAST than 2-3 weeks." Well after that I've been cut at first from 9:30-2 PM to 9:45-2 PM and then more recently to 10 AM - 2 PM!! The first cut I was like THAT'S IT!!! I'M NOT GONNA ALLOW THEM TO TELL ME HOW MUCH AND WHEN I'M GOING TO SPEND, ONLY I TELL MYSELF THAT! and so I went to Target that very same night and instead of saving up for a new bike I charged to the credit card a bike and a basket and I also resolved to try to protest by starving myself to death.

Well that didn't work because the White Death happened at least once after that and I took that as a sign that things would be much worse no matter what I did and that I would end up dying anyway and before I find my soulmate and therefore would prove that I don't have a soul at all. So I stopped the protest. However that was before the more recent cut and between the two cuts I've got several albums off of iTunes and upgreaded some of Tap Tap 3 and Rockband and got Riddim Ribbon.

I'm a mess am I?

On top of that, another bah humbug Valentines Day with no soulmate malf that....
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