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OK here we go...

It's been several months so let's see...up until about last month things stayed mostly the same. Tim, being the butthole that he was, still kept my hours back and I always kept hearing how "labor's up and sales are down" even though half the days we've been very busy. The thing was, I think it was all him that has been keeping it that way at least on the sales front because of who he is and the way he was not only running things, but projecting himself, that caused business to just stay away.

The good news is that now Tim quit! Yep, however I was the last one to know and everyone was surprised that I was the last to know. Anyway that proves the other thought I had. I was told by a coworker that the reason why he was jacking everyone up was that he wanted to "look good" to David Gabriel and the others so he'd get promoted! However he didn't get what he wanted so he went on down the road. Now the manager is someone I worked with a few years ago and now suddenly I have a few more hours back and business has picked up.

I'm still under legal guardianship and also I got the call that a place opened up in the Eagle's Nest place so with loads of doubts I said I was still interested and voiced the doubts and got them squared away though they aren't all the way gone. There's a few more months to go though.

Got away with getting my nephew the Dante's Inferno game for his birthday and lol he loved it especially all the graphic details and also the naughty parts like Cleopatra showing her bare boobs and having tongues coming out of them haha. I got to see him kill Charon, a whole bunch of unbaptized babies, the wood of the suicides, and I got to see him wail on Satan.

Oh and a new cinema opened up down the street, weeee.
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