Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

I know I haven't posted in a long time...

please forgive me.

Anyway I don't remember much of what I did during September. Just read a bit and geocached a little and tried to keep on top of all the necessary stuff that's...necessary! haha

I did get started into waymarking which is similar to geocaching but instead of finding hidden things like logbooks and/or little prizes, it's basically supposed to be taking pictures of unusual places and posting them to the waymarking website with your visit logs. The bad thing about my area until recently is that all the stupid dumb little hicks around here deemed it so that most of the waymarks were to be of every single flippin McDonald's in the metropolitan area! Yea there's a bunch of categories for every conceivable thing out there and even for other fast food places but it's supposed to be more for like historical and unusual places. There is even a Sonic category but the closest Sonic waymark is way outside my area and there are tons of Sonics around here. Though now after I have started, someone did post a few waymarks of historical monuments around my town like famous homesteads of famous late townspeople and some centennial monuments and war memorials.

In October...I forgot most of that too but I did go to my sis's on Halloween since my nephew and nieces were getting too old and my step-niece felt sad for me that nobody but them visit me for candy for Halloween. I think it's because of some common safety imperative out there keeping kids from trick or treating at apartments. So I went over there to join in the fun of handing out candy and I wore my scary skull mask.

Then the next day, not only NaNoWriMo struck, but also a crisis that had been waiting for a little over 10 years in the making. It had been 10 years and some months since the creators of Battletech, FASA Corporation, had closed their doors and that's when I decided to not have dental visits for a while, scared that it was the end of what was then my only RPG and only favorite RPG at least the way I knew it. Since then, even at times I felt it was necessary to do so, I thought about doing another dentist appointment but yet I remember the impression from my mom that we didn't have the time to go to the dentist we were using or maybe it was that either myself or the both of us thought that they might make the appointment where I'd have to take off of work and felt that I couldn't possibly ask off work for a dental checkup and cleaning. So since then through the rest of my college days and the rest of my mom's life, I never went to the dentist.

Then before my mom passed on, my dentist died, and we were planning on tracking down who took posession of my records since we did go to where my late dentist had his business and saw some note...and I forgot what it said but do remember us thinking we ought to contact him about our records but we never ever did. So after mom died, I just thought to just start over sometime but just didn't know where to look to find a great dentist instead of someone that was like...shit actually. A month ago however, I became desperate since I went home from handing out treats at sis's for Halloween and woke up in November having massive pains in my lower back left jaw. I remember my old dentist telling me that he saw I had a wisdom tooth that if it came in, needed to be taken out, and the time since my mom died, I did see one wierd tooth back where I was feeling the pain but when I showed my sister the first time she just considered it was because I have a small mouth or something.

I let this go for two weeks with "salt bombing," "aspirin bombing," I even took much more aspirin than was safe just to fall asleep, drank lots of green tea, just anything you could think of including one time I even sloshed around rubbing alcohol in my mouth. Then I asked a coworker if the denture and dental services across the street very near my apartment was any good and was told they are excellent so I went and made an appointment and explained my situation though this was my very first time making my own appointment of course since all the other appointments in my life were taken care of by my mom so I didn't even realize that checkups and cleanings were two separate appointments. Anyway my sis the weekend before the appointment, had me over at her house and my nephew was wanting my sis to take us to Vintage Stock to look for what he wanted for Christmas and at first they were wondering about the following Tuesday so I had to explain about the dentist appointment so my sister wanted to swing by after work just to make sure I "wasn't taken advantage of."

When I had the appointment, the dentist that took a look at me told me that I had a crapload of cavities that need to be filled and my wisdom was coming in sideways and was impacting the molar next to it which was why I was having pain and they were mutually decaying each other so that was compounding the pain. He and his staff gave me a prescription for pennicillin and recommended an oral surgeon for me...told me that after that to make an appointment with him again to do the fillings and the (I forgot the term for it) scraping and it would cost $1200 so what could I do? When he was gone, even though I wasn't supposed to do so, I turned my cell back on and called my aunt instantly coz with the money I COULD touch, there's no way in hell I could pay that much less whatever the oral surgeon would ask for to remove the teeth which was $800 anyway. So I explained to sis when she arrived and my aunt did take me to the surgeon after I made the appointment...had to take a four day weekend because I was put all the way under and needed antibiotics and gause and a water syringe.

The oral surgeon was earlier this month so before I decided to go to the dentist for the checkup in November, I had a rough time writing 1,666 words a day for NaNo like every other day was me not giving a shit because I was hurting like hell and was resting and then I tried very hard to do it...though all I remember is that after the dental visit, my recommended daily word count went up to about 2500 so I was trying to hit that and I even used chat logs from Second Life as word padding. I eventually had the great idea too that I could use the pennicillin tablets like chewing tobacco and just pushed it into my left cheek and with a little water and saliva I let it dissolve into my gum and it became a kick ass pain reliever. I didn't let it dissolve right away though I just let it dissolve enough and then I swallow it.

Well due to the circumstances I was more than content to just keep on the way I was and if I made it, I made it and if I didn't, it was ok at least I get a "participation pip" on my NaNoWriMo profile but then near the end of the month I saw on the website that there's a deal with the makers of this software that was, until very recently, a Mac only software, that winners of this year's NaNoWriMo would get the post Beta version (what is the name of software that comes out of Beta???) for 50% off so I went and did something that otherwise I decided not to do this year but I did more of last year. I went to various fanfiction sites and looked around and not only got ideas from others but found some stories I liked, copied them, pasted them and then I just massively rewrote them to fit into my story. Changed names, changed locations, changed a few actions and results. I did what I planned to last year's NaNo however the difference was that last year I really did do it more and also, I only did two chapters worth of this trick and rewrote only one chapter like I have described.

I have every intention of going back to both my stories and rewrite the parts though and finish the stories and trim off the padding.

Anyway I'm now at my step-mom's-in-law and just decided I need some major LJ update time to make up for my several months absence.

I've got another piece of news to put in here but that could wait until later.
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