Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

need to start writing again...

not on here though... "Echoes of Amaris" I mean. I have been haivng a discussion with a dear friend that devolved into not anything really nasty and conflicting but into a situation where I got "highly sensitive classified data" and those are my words.

I need to sort out myself. Since certain characters and groups withing my multi "nolvel" fan fiction are essentially mirrors to different conflicting sides of me, that is why I should start being more serious finishing much less starting.

The first two titles are definate set in stone...only a few of you have seen the title and one version of the beginning which I'm going to have to change.

Sibling Rivalry
Fallen Eagles
Lights and Shadows
Truth And Consequenses
Grande Resistance De Coventry

I hate the end of the BT novel "Endgame" because Victor let his sister live...the backstabbing, matricidal, throne stealing, Davion heritage dumping Steiner bitch Katherine (both her and Victor are Steiner-Davions but she dumped the Davion part of her name...likewise I think everyone loyal to Victor dumps the Steiner part of his name)

I also have a "9/11" moment in the story but that depends on how the civil war ends..if Tharkad is actually still highly settled and one of Vic's other siblings live there. Too bad that I wouldn't be able to kill off Katherine that way but believe me I have a backup plan. ;-) I'm planning to have my guys send down a bunch of fighters armed with Alamo missiles to heavily bomb Tharkad's major cities and the capitol building while the commander broadcasts his message which ends w/ "Citizens of the Lyran Alliance, HERE IS YOUR 9/11!!"
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