Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

Bad f**king Karma!!!

This is so much damn bad karma I'm getting sick...this is divine punishment for having little "South Park" moments w/ the niece and nephew (and no I wasn't watching the show w/ them, I'm insinuating something else) and letting my nephew listen to my mp3 player a few months ago which happened at the time to have KoRn's ADIDAS song on it and talking to him about it tonight....getting called on it by my sister and lying to save my ass about it....

Now I find out that my favorite team on "Amazing Race 3"...the team that entered and got in the competition to try and win for this third person that died in WTC....they were ELIMINATED TONIGHT....AND I AM PISSED...THIS IS BAD BAD BAD KARMA FOR ME....PUNISHMENT!! I QUIT WATCHING "AR3"!!!!!! F**K EVERYONE ELSE IN THE RACE!! THEY CAN GO BUNGEE JUMP W/O THE BUNGEE AND DIE FOR ALL I CARE!! I QUIT WATCHING THIS SEASON NOW THAT JOHN VITO AND JILL ARE OUT!!
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