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Happy Single Awareness and Ugly Dwarf Ranger Day!

and I'm the "Ugly Dwarf Ranger" in the title so silence or "...I'll KEEL you!"

Another year another bleh....

Anyway weeks in review, I survived the white filth with agony though let's see what the year brings, and either what thing would go south or who will die this year due to the White Death falling.

My new place has two is for each apartment to make sure that the one following, the actual HUD inspection, wouldn't find anything to massively bitch about. However, assuming that the super is much lenient compared to the HUD people, I put sticky notes on everything noting what I WILL NOT get rid of in case they come when I'm at work and especially on my mounted Klingon Knife in its case. If they f***ing DARE say I need to get rid of that then I'll protest saying then I'll get rid of most everything in the apartment since a lot of things could be used for blunt force trauma or stabbing or slashing, strangulation or smothering and are therefore, by definition, weapons. The documentation I've been provided DOES NOT SPECIFY what constitutes the definition of "no weapons" so if they balk at the Klingon knife in the wooden and glass box then if they strongarm me I'll also comply by getting rid of my bedsheets and pillows and silverware and Ham Radio PSU and radios and power cords and key lanyard and fireproof lockbox, household cleaners and so on and so forth.

Don't FREAKING MALF with Ultraman or his cape!!! I'll incinerate totally with heat vision. Then one should be so friggin lucky to rise again as a Black Lantern!

Anyway I got to sweat it out until Thursday.

I got my sis some candy for today and gave it to her yesterday. She trying to go see Sugarland with new hubby next month.

anyway enough with boring life....gotta go...
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