Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

Am I a total perv or what???

shalendrea (04:13:00 PM): the sailormoon episodes where changed from the original when they subbed them in english
dragonmerc (04:15:14 PM): I heard there was a very major death scene at the end that they edited out...
dragonmerc (04:15:25 PM): either that or it had some raunchy sex type stuff in it.
shalendrea (04:13:54 PM): might have been
dragonmerc (04:16:10 PM): isn't Darien over 18 and Serena 16?
dragonmerc (04:16:38 PM): b/c Anime Invasion made some crack about statutory rape when it had this thing about the top 10 relationships...
shalendrea (04:15:00 PM): she was 14 or 15 when it first started
dragonmerc (04:17:10 PM): how old was Darrien?
dragonmerc (04:17:36 PM): (I wish I was 14 or 15 again...and rendered... ;-))
shalendrea (04:15:48 PM): lol
shalendrea (04:15:56 PM): i think he was 4 years older than her
dragonmerc (04:18:00 PM): so it WAS statutory rape
dragonmerc (04:18:07 PM): because he was over 18!! :P
shalendrea (04:16:24 PM): lol
shalendrea (04:16:52 PM): i think they kept her too young
dragonmerc (04:18:48 PM): we should have a way to get in touch w/ Roger Rabit so he can call the cops on those two... :P
shalendrea (04:17:02 PM): lol
dragonmerc (04:19:39 PM): "Darrien you have the right to remain silent, anything you say or do will be held against you in a court of law, you have the right to an attourney..."
shalendrea (04:18:00 PM): i can't get over all the adult porn of sailormoon online
dragonmerc (04:20:04 PM): WHERE WHERE???
dragonmerc (04:20:09 PM): any of Serena?
dragonmerc (04:20:19 PM): ((I know I'm pathetic...))
shalendrea (04:18:41 PM): everywhere and all of them are in them
dragonmerc (04:20:48 PM): give me a link please... **salivating**
shalendrea (04:19:12 PM): i'll send you some, i'll have to find them
dragonmerc (04:21:12 PM): OMG I sound like a total perv...
dragonmerc (04:21:24 PM): a total geek perv w/ no life. :P
shalendrea (04:19:35 PM): lol
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