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Do I "creep [anyone] out"??

okay, I discovered this online, bulletin board type RPG called "A Touch of Horses" where players play people or horses or sometimes other domestic animals, played by people that have problems fittin in places and stuff and, like this Christian Anime community that I am also a member of, a significant number are teens....

I got "bought" by this one character (the character is 21 (but I would never know about the player) for one of the character's daughters. Then the person playing the daughter had to quit "for a while" she said...I've made friends w/ the one that plays the daughter and we email and IM each other so I know about her school and stuff....

So then all of a sudden the player that plays the mother, she posted a message saying that since the "house" board became a little inactive, that she was moving everyone to this other game called "Kerrabee" and I could swear that she had typed that that site was going to arrange a "partnership" with "ATOH" but when I finally got around to just posting a message asking where do I start posting since Skye (the character) brought everyone over from her ATOH board and mentioned the "potential patnership," the main owner was all over me saying I was out of place and that there was no partnership and that Skye had no right brining the characters from her "ATOH" place over there....

Since then I haven't properly posted a "joining" post for Kerrabee, and I was checking back on the old house board to see if there was any activity. Today I pulled it up to see that the background color was changed, the pics were changed, the "family" was changed to three daughters and no of the daughters was the only other original left other than Skye but with a different picture, and the board was wiped clean... with one new post on it...

So I replyed to it remarking how it seemed she returned to "ATOH," rebooted the house and changed everything and asked if it means that I start posting there again (as in if my horse character was back there again) and asked why it was redone and what happened to the others....

Then Skye posts this: (subject of the post was "ummm")

"Why don't you go back for sale? Cuz Taylor, Angel and Cori don't want you and I don't want you for my horse. I always thought you as the player was kinda creepy. So, go back for sale, and don't post here again."

I'm not sure if she would reply to my reply because I then asked "Well I'd like to know the reason to all this all of a sudden, okay? I've always tried to be a great friend and I've always been confused w/ the whole Kerrabee mess.... Is it because that on ATOH and possibly Kerrabee too that there are more players that are teens on those? Or what is it? I would like a reason for this sudden turnaround."

Why all of this stuff I wonder????
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