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(this has been backdated to fill in the days for a full month haha)

Boy am I steamed! If I knew things would end up this way I would have power walked the rest of the way to the Community Center from the Library!!! Had an arrangement with sis back before the mountains of snow melted to be picked up and with my nephew be taken to the food handlers permit class. Of vourse I thought 15 minutes early was it but actually it was 30 minutes but the way everything worked out, the cut off was right at my nephew! So I got cut off! On principle I WILL NOT go to the class in two weeks (being the one that is only for 11 and 2) if I can help it, though my brother-in-law would see about getting me there and if so, I could always stay late on two days to make up the hour. If not I would just wait two more weeks anyway because on principle now that I know there's a class where I could go without taking off of work, THEN I WILL GO TO THAT CLASS!!! I WILL NOT LOSE MONEY!!!THIS IS A MATTER OF PRINCIPLES!! GRRRR

Oh btw, I almost got in teh bitch's face too hehe....said to her face that I'd wait the month....
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