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It's been a while

I haven't updated any blogs in months mostly because of all the crap I'm going through recently. Most of it concerns work. I'll have to be more sordid later but the reason why I'm writing now is to do my traditional anniversary post which is belated.

I think I remember that I started this blog, my first one, in the middle part of March pretty close to the local Irish festival so last year I think I also posted on the weekend or near the weekend that it happened.

Regretfully this year, the regional Irish club decided that since their festival was shrinking and losing money the past two years at least, that they didn't want to do one this year and instead donate their time going around to retirement homes and entertain. So my mom and I went to get Guinness to have our unofficial Irish fest (sorry I know you don't like drinking Alice but hey it's the Irish thing to do...though I can hear you say "So is eating potatos and dancing a jig" :P).

One thing that happened since my last post is that one of my cats died. She was my favorite since even before she got sick she always used to cuddle with me and watch TV and keep me company and she was quiet like me. I always felt real sad having to put her out in the garage since she had this thing about not using the litter box. She started getting thinner and thinner and we didn't know why until mom took her to the vet and she said cancer and that it was too late because of her shape and age so after mom told me on the phone, the vet gave the cat some water to last a day so I can say bye and mom was with her when she was put to sleep and then we agreed to have the cat cremated at this place we discovered and have her ashes in an engraved urn.

I have that urn on my dresser so she can finally sleep in the house and in my room...finally she can do that without doing her business on the floor!

Anyway this is a month after I discovered this cool manga digest called Shonen Jump, the American version of a Japanese's black and white Japanese comics done Japanese style but with English lettering. My favorite series is "One Piece" so I've started the tradition of reading each episode to U-Cat with each new issue I buy. Hey she can't see anymore the TV! ;)

Another thing real quick is that the "A Touch of Horses" group I think is going way downhill, it's resembling the groups I own on Yahoogroups...especially the ones that used to be real active compared to how they are now. Back before I had my little problem with "Skye" the "Horses for Sale" board was very active but now....only two threads are passed around.

This one girl "bought" my character and then we went to the dressage area of her "ranch" site and were doing some dressage work until she stopped right in the middle and it wasn't until two weeks later that I saw a message by her on the "Horses for Sale" board that she went away on vacation! Then when she came back she notified me and I told her "Let's pick up where we left off" but then the next message I got from her was that she was too busy and had to quit!!!

So I was like asking her to help me collaborate a post to get my horse character sold but she did it all herself and I was like doing 45% of it. I got sold to a character called Riley but then he went silent after the "sale" was complete and I never got to know the URL of his stables because the assistant webmaster of ATOH redid the whole site and essentially said "Since everyone goes to the chatroom anyway, I'm not going to bother placing the other links up here, just the one that leads to the chat."

After I posted my own message asking where everyone was and where Riley was, Riley replied to me that he had to quit too (for his own reasons)!! So I replied to him saying "Okay fair enough but let's all pretend that my sale to you didn't happen and that I instead went from Danielle to this other guy named Raven..." who said he was still very active and that he would buy my character and he gave me the link to that place..

That place I guess is where all the people from ATOH is hanging out now I guess...sigh.

Okay I'll stop here
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