Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

going back over older posts...

I just saw one post I wrote while lamenting Hispanic characters on TV. It reminded me of reading this article more recently about that same thing and now I know that it has a name: "Spanglish"!! The article said something about how it's now "cool" to speak Spanish or "cool" to speak another language or maybe it was saying how "cool" it is to speak a few words in another language...


My question still remains....why is SPANISH so damned special that there's these Hispanic characters on TV that either once in a while, once every two weeks or days, or every other word, is a mix of Spanish and English???

I mean it still is quite STUPID to hear one of them say "It's all for the best mijo so calm down, por favor" "Dios mio mama! Okay okay..."!!

Gosh if two contestants on the recent "Survivor" can have an entire damned conversation in freaking CANTONESE then why not have Hispanic TV show characters either speak all in English or all in Spanish with subtitles??? I for one don't give a flying F how cool Spanish or "Spanglish" is! It irritates the shit out of me....

Besides if they have the dark Hispanic complexion, stick together with their familia, are hard working blue collar people, have Spanish flavored parties with pinatas, etc. then that's Hispanic enough for me....they (including the writers and producers) don't have to pull this "Spanglish" bullshit!

I say that if the actors and everyone INSIST on "Spanglish" then the Irish characters ought to speak "Gaelish," the Poles ought to speak in "Polinglish," and I think that it would be equally fair and hilarious if there were a dignified way for Japanese characters to talk in ENGRISH!! LOL

Q: What do the concoctors of crap like "Spanglish" have under their pants/kilts/etc?

A: NOTHING, they are so STUPID they wear their knickers on their shrunken little heads!!

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