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was going to play on Core tonight and do a little reading either "The Eugenics Wars Vol 2" by Greg Cox or this book on this old software that my aunt sent me. The software is old because 1) it works only at 256 color mode and 2) even though I couldn't find it right yet, I think I saw something somewhere that it could possibly run on Windows 3.11 but am not sure since it uses Quicktime pictures and short movies.

I have two volumes of that software which is a science fiction anthology of pulp science fiction on one CD and the other CD is from a more recent era and both are grouped together into a backstory that Leonard Nimoy has this special ship that has cargo bays of collections of these classics and the ship crashlands on this planet. The interface is the ship and there's three themed rooms with four books each on pedestals and to read a book you find the room it's in and click on it to pull it up and then click on it to open it, etc. Or you can bring the pointer to the corner and click to bring up this menu that lists all the books and you can click on a title with a bookmark light button thing so you can go right to the bookmark if you have set one.

So anyway I digressed. I was dozing off during SVU and didn't actually see how the verdict went but it was a good one about the rape and murder of a 9 year old beauty queen and the guy that did it was an ex-con that was getting aroused by this website that hooked him in with this story which was basically "how to" fiction and they also took pics of legal aged gals and "de-aged" the pictures to make them look way young. It was called "virtual kiddie porn" and all that stuff caused the company running the website to get in big trouble too because of some legal mumbo jumbo about them helping the real perp learn how to do what he did and getting him aroused.

Anyway off to bed...besides if I get to bed now, I possibly could drag myself up in the morning and not hit snooze a zillion times so I can talk to my friend in Singapore...if I can catch her.
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