Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

Frustrated and irritated

(for those that know...this is both sides of me saying this...)

Why is it that in RL I'm surrounded at least halfly by idiots and morons? I mean part of the answer is simple since my aunt (who's been legal guardian as per mom's will) thought it would save money getting me in here into HUD apts where everyone has to be on meds...and yea some are quite passable for what is considered "normal"...

Anyway before I confuse ppl (or do it more) I'm just frustrated how my most frequent post work interactions (other than going to the store or something) happens to be Frank across the hall who rang my freaking doorbell TWICE tonight asking when I wanted to watch basketball at 7 thought tonight is the night I had plans so I told him the first time I'd think about it and let him know or something like that.

The plans involve another such moron (of the anal OCD type I think) that works with me that chose to work pretty much a swing shift on Tues so since we've been playing this online golf for years we had to shift it to tonight. It's getting to be a real chore though!! If used to be that maintenance would happen on Tues at 9 PM my time but recently sometimes it would be at 7 PM Wed. Unless it's at the latter time he usually wants to play two 6 hole round and a 3 hole, INVARIABLY!! And also if maintenance wasn't an issue he'd want to start AT SEVEN!! WHEN SURVIVOR IS ON!!! So I'd have to do the "turn on, push tape in, attempt to record; rinse repeat" dance with my old shitty VCR!!

Why am I surrounded with people that are clearly so simple minded or set in their own rut or otherwise clearly are just about on the wrong side of not being quite right in the head?!?!?!? I mean even Frank...the last time I watched basketball with him there was this one point he was slightly rocking back and forth and...I just couldn't describe what kinda humming or moaning noise he was making. He also does laps around the hall of the complex and walks weird doing it! This morning I went out to work, saw his door open and then saw him doing the laps with heavy breathing! I was thinking "I thought we were supposed to lock our doors when we were out??? At least he should've closed his door and make ppl think it's lock if he's gonna walk around!"

I swear some days I'm so tempted to take a metal rod and shove it in my head so I'd be too brain damaged not give a shit about being surrounded by morons in RL. Then maybe I would go back with my second ex girlfriend too or out with Kathy Goulart since I'd be too brain damaged to care!!


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