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okay here's the scoop on the work stuff....


The situation since last December did get worse. I got careless on the college enrollment front because I was concentrating a little more on sending my first payment to Integrated Virtual Networks which is this company in California that bought the Cybertown community from Blaxxun when the latter company went bankrupt. IVN and Hawk, the one that started CT, both agreed that IVN would be taking a financial loss if Cybertown remained free so they made it into a pay community with a system almost similar to Community Zero. There's a way to pay for yourself and a way for a "citizen" to get sponsored (CZ's system is also "either pay for yourself or have the founder of the group pay for the group).

Anyway, during all the chaos of the final month leading up to Jan 7, IVN had stated emphatically that they would "bend over backwards" for everyone that wanted to stay. That included posting their postal address up so some people can send checks and money orders in if they had no other avenue. To send in a check, one only had to go like they were setting up their payment profiles accounts and stop short of using PayPal. The profiles would be saved. Then send a check with a small note with your account number on both and your nicks and alter nicks on your note.

So anyway I sent the first check BEFORE they put up the pages to make the profiles so all I wrote on the check and the note were my nicks. I wrote the exact address on the envelope and made sure it was right before I sent it off and ten days later the damned thing came back in my mailbox! So a few days later after posting my problem on City Council board and got advice, I made a file to print the address on the envelope, put a fresh envelope in the printer and typed in their address the way I was advised (with the zip+4 code too) not only did I print the address on the envelope but I stamped the envelope and I went up to Mailboxes Etc and paid $20 to FedEx it to California and over the next week (I was biting nails because I did this the week before the deadline) I tracked it and it was virtually circling and cooling its ass in Marina Del Rey and I was like "That's not even the same bloody city!!!" so I got the email address and phone number for the billing department and was in contact with this Lindsey gal...she was very nice...and she helped me by getting in contact with them and got them to get it straight to her.

In retrospect I think it was because they haven't properly registered the address with the USPS or something...I'm not sure because I don't even know how old IVN is as a company so I might be wrong but it did seem like that address was the postal version of a bouncing address for that month alone.

Anyway I was waiting for that payment to get through before I called my advisor and enrolled for this semester and I was also checking out my LOTR special edition problem as well. Wrong move! After the postal problem was taken care of, I asked a friend at church during midweek when classes started since she works at the library and she said "next week"!! So I called my advisor up in the morning and we had a long conversation since I tried to get back into Financing class since I had to withdraw and he said that class is filled up already...then we went down the sheet thing that listed which classes I took and which ones I have to take, and all of the core classes had been filled so I had to take one as an elective...Intermediate Accounting. Now I see that what I've heard was correct because I have a little problem keeping up, flunked one test, have a dark feeling I flunked the one I took two weeks ago, and the instructor said "If you flunk two tests, you might have to rethink what you want to do because this is the defining course on if you'll be an accountant or not" and suggested that if I do flunk two tests, that I could go ahead and bet my BBA and go have a job in sales somewhere.

Oh and also that same instructor that told me that...he died over spring break of a heart attack....VERY BAD PORTEND both in class and in job.

Meanwhile (and I don't know if this is because of war or not) it's been getting worse at my job, with the labor thing. I think that it all started when we hired back in September this delivery driver that's a single mother. I haven't commented on it here, the only place that has anything about it is The Historie and basically the week after she was hired, the next schedule was posted and instead of being scheduled to clock off at virtually the same time every day (as in 10:30-3:30 PM for four out of five days and at 2:30 PM at school days), my hours became CUT to where my clock off times were 2:30 PM, 3:30, 2:30, 2:30, 3:30!! Then this single mom quit and when I asked her what for when she was picking up her paycheck she said "I wanted more hours"!! I thought "yep that's what I thought!"

Then weedks later there was some interstore transferring and suprprise surprise!! one of my 3:30 days got cut back to 3 PM!! Since then (until the last week or so) there's been a slight roller coaster with me getting that half hour given back and taken away until I not only got it taken away but also got the other 3:30 day cut back to 3 PM and Monday cut back from 2:30 to 2 PM!!

To top it all off, around the time of my first week of having 10:30-2 Mondays, my General Manager had a talk with me on a Tuesday I think, about me staying late to finish the dishes. I've been very cynical about her because she always had this hypocritical thing about one part of the year saying "You have to stasy and get most if not all of your stuff done because 'it's not fair for the other guys'" but then swinging the other way at another time of the year. So instead of going to ask her if she wants me to go or not (because I'd be afraid she'd say "I'd like you to stay and get this done" so I'd think "heck I might as well stay anyway" and not ask her) I'd wait until she makes some comment.

For instance, in January or February our labor costs have skyrocketed, presumably, so my GM has been making everyone go when the schedule says their clock off time is. So here I was trying to stay on and finish and then she'd ask "Hey Al what time are you supposed to clock off?" and I'd answer and she'd say something like "Well then isn't it time for you to go?" and then I'd say okay and just quickly organize things and go.

So this one Tuesday, she didn't say anything like that so I thought "Hey it was slower than usual today and I don't have much left so maybe she wants me to get it done before I go. So I did but when I said "see you later" and got my stuff...she told me essentially that (I think she said) I needed to hurry up and get it done or if it's apparent that I can't handle it, she'd find someone else who can!

I mean the nerve of her!! Apparently she and the people above her have a double standard where they have it appear that they approve of hiring disabled people and abiding by the ADA laws but then apparently since their corporate HQ is so close (30 minutes away in the county seat!), the corporate talking heads are so full of themselves and the company image that their customer surveys and their Customer Loyalty Index bullshit things have no leeway in case of someone like me who is not only disabled BUT also has been shoved into what practically is two jobs at once!! Also because of that CLI thing which they have started heavily concentrating on this past year, I've been pressured into claning tables more so we can improve our store's precious CLI percentage!! I mean geez!! I have to bus tables out front in dining room and clean dishes back in the dishpit, the restaurant I'm at is busier than the one I used to be at which got remodeled into this unique experimental thing (the one I'm at is the only dine in of the entire chain within the city limits)...!!

So then I became very afraid because I had to leave whatever dishes that didn't make it in the sink to soak when it's my time to go and I was/am afraid of my boss getting the sudden idea to use that as a reason to terminate me since she said "get everything done" which could mean literally or "get most of it done" or anything else.

You'd think that that would be bad enough but NO it gets WORSE!! I came in last Monday and did my stuff and when I went to do a table run, I went to get the bus cart and SURPRISE no bus cart!! the tubs were stacked on the floor but I couldn't find any bus cart!! So I worked the whole day with one bus tub where before then I was using the bus cart with all three bus tubs on it, pouring the drinks in the top one and placing cups in the holders, putting trash in one bucket and silverware in the other, stacking dishes in the middle tub and trays in the bottom....

So last Tuesday I went to work and noticed that there still wasn't a bus cart so I asked the GM about it and she said that it went "bye bye." Later when she told me I was doing a great job, I made the remark that I would be doing better if I had the bus cart and she came over and told me that she was convinced by her superiors that it would "look better" if we got rid of the bus cart...!!


I've even gone and so far got an application from the movie theatre down the street and was told at Blockbuster that I can apply online! I'd have to get in touch with the boss at Gatesway Transportation though and see if it's possible to get my pickup time switched to a possible afternoon time in case of bad weather or anything. My mom said that I'd possibly have to walk up and back in all types of weather anyway...and that I'd possibly have to work longer hours, even until midnight.
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