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Marmalade Boy DVD on hold indefinately....

I might be the only one ticked off at the ludicrous apparent reason why this series is now on indefinite hold on being released over here. I mean GET REAL!!! GET OVER IT!!! Just because the opening sequence apparently has a shot of NYC WITH the WTC buildings doesn't mean it shouldn't be released... my God!!! It just totally pisses me off that a company would see that in the original and think "On second thought let's not release that over in the USA because it might cause some unpleasant memories because it shows the Trade Center...." BULLCRAP!!



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Mar. 31st, 2003 05:38 am (UTC)
You have got to be kidding me... they aren't releasing it becasue of that?!??!?! It is such a good series... they HAVE to release it. They are hurting America more by bring it up all the time as a reason... gah! if they loved their country as much as they say they would release it to remember the good.... TWC is only on the screen for a matter of seconds... I can't believe they are depriving you guys of that... which means if you don't get it... we don't get it, and I want a copy... (although I have seen all of it) :( damn people.
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