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anyone want to join my community?

It's an offshoot of a Yahoogroup I own which in turn is an offshoot of a list originally held by an old friend of mine that had to abandon it because she got too busy...she left it to this other ex-member who totally abandoned it as hopeless a month later because the traffic went down except for FW messages. The Y-groups version is essentially an email pen pal list that is treated not as a "I'm looking for a pen pal" type thing but it's more like joining and writing messages as if you're writing one pen pal but except you're writing the whole group and the rest of the group is treated as one pen pal... in the words of my friend "You get more than one pen pal for the price of one" (okay that was more of a paraphrase but it is almost fitting to be placed in quotes)

World Wide Friends
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