Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

Mothers Day.....

Had a nice time today treating my mom to lunch and a visit to the zoo....we agreed it was too crowded and too hot...LOL. Enjoyed it though even though we decided not to stop at the rain forest and the elephants...that kinda blew. More sad that we didn't go to the rain forest since I bet the zoo ppl didn't bother putting back up that torii they had in front of the elephant building. The last time I saw it, I think I saw that it broke at the posts...I wonder why they would never bother to put new posts on it and put it back up?? it's the closest thing to a Shinto shrine I'll go to and now it won't be w/o the Torii....

Got a new vineer from the gift shop too, another bag of rocks.. made by pebbles of jasper and quartz minerals that were carried downstream in a river and deposited in a deltaand cemented by deposits of silica minerals like agate anc chalcedony. It's a conglomerate. See, even the Alpha Quadrant's most inferior species, like Humans, gan teach us Cardassians something. ;-)
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