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Yay for achievement addicts

It's been a while since there's been any posts of any kind. Lately the LJ system had screwed up and kept disconnecting from my Twitter so I just gave up and left it disconnected.

This past February I looked at this kinda smallish local gym that's not part of any chain. I joined it and during a special deal where the first month fee was waived so all I paid for first month was the sign up cost. I am learning a lot of stuff. Also I've got a bunch of photography apps for the ipod and been active on them too and getting tons of achievements and stuff on that and a new location based thing that could set up in advance Foursquare checkins.

I've also joined quite a few challenges on Nike+ and made one of my own consisting of teams named after all the factions in the Battletech RPG I've been scoring achievements like crazy and liking it
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