Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

This is just not my week!

Today my sister sent word that she would pick me up if I and/or mom wanted to watch a movie tonight so I said "okay" so mom sent the word back to my sister. Later on, this evening, she picks me up and we went to her house and I popped the tape with the Thursday "RK" and the ending to the Wednesday episode that I taped over by semi-accident because of "brain fart senile" Joe...or should I call him "brain fart senile and possibly Alzheimers and wants to please Parker his brat of a grandson every other Thursday" Joe....

Actually I popped in one tape that had one episode I thought we hadn't seen and both niece and nephew said "we saw this already" so I kinda scanned behind and ahead and saw no other stuff (I didn't really want to go too far without having the two brats say "Ooooh I wanna see that!!") so I was confident that there was nothing else on that tape so I popped in the one w/ the 1.5 episodes that we didn't see...

We get about 8 minutes into the thing when my sister has dinner ready and she said in effect "Stop whatever you're watching b/c we're going to put 'Tuck Everlasting' in the DVD and eat supper" so while sis and bro-in-law were in there getting dishes ready, I popped the tape out and pushed it back in to "zero" the counter and rewound it to check to see if it was the tape with "Vicar of Dibley" on it to leave for my sister to wasn't so I FF'ed it back to "zero."

Then now it goes to pot! I pressed eject and the damned tape pops out and then goes back in! I press eject every 3 seconds or something...I pressed play, FF, RW...NOTHING while the machine was on! The tape got stuck!! So now I have to pay for at least their VCR to get fixed...I hope to hell that it doesn't need to be replaced b/c I HATE to spend tax refund money like this, spending it to fix the lawnmower is more preferrable.

What's more, it puts more pressure on me because now I hope really bad that the link I got in Anime community is worth it in case the tech has to break the tape out of the VCR to fix the machine.
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