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A new poll....

Some background...culled from my recent post to World Wide Friends Yahoogroup...

In similar news, I'm not sure if Gemma has read it on my LJ or not, about
my gripes about work, but my evaluation is going to be in a few days
*sigh*. I'm not sure if I really have anything to worry about BUT I
think I ought to get that Cinemark application filled out since I know I
have a few day's time.

Still I'm scared because it could be an opportunity for Rhonda to either
come out and use "labor costs" as an excuse (and I'm never sure or not
when it is good I only know when labor costs are high and especially the
last time I had a talking to when I was told that they are incredibly
high) or if she is going to either pick or manufacture an infraction or
something to use to get rid of me.

Like she could come up with: "You're not shaving as often as I'd like"
(well especially since I'm using a safety razor the past few weeks what
does she want me to do?? shave the EPIDERMIS off of my cheeks, chin and
neck?? The razors are still sharp enough that I don't see any reason to
shave every single morning even though my facial hair grows quick...the
stubble would be nanostubble and not worth a shave), "you're not working
fast enough and/or efficiently enough" (well damn!! for one thing, back
when she said that we're going to have servers, I could swear she told me
personally that we'd have servers in the daytime to help me out and that
never happened!! All the servers are being hogged by the night crew and
I'm still being torn between bussing tables and cleaning dishes....want
fast and efficient? Either choose one job or the other and choose either
fast OR efficient!! Another thing is that I ought to tell them that
everyone goes at different speeds and that EVERYONE has a threshold where
the workload becomes completely overwhelming....throw human group
behavior into the mix and it gets worse...and that if they, including
Rhonda's bosses and the boys at corporate, can't seem to understand that,
then I should pity them!!), and any other stuff that could be thought

Poll #130096 To Cinemark or not to Cinemark??

Should I really think about filling out the Cinemark application and start thinking I might need another job?

Yes but don't turn it in until after the evaluation
No you're too paranoid
Yes, follow through with original plan (if unemployed and still unemployed in a month, kill yourself)

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