Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

random divination...

without actually thinking of anything specific, I took three pennies chosen because two were minted in leap years and one on my birth year, and tossed them six times.

I got the I Ching hexagram for "The Fountainhead" and the second line is changing so it's also became "The Great Wide Open" (from Earth/Water to Earth/Earth)

now according to "I Ching in Ten Minutes" by R T Kaser:

under work it says for the first one: Army of Ants! There's a group project in the works. A ditch needs to be dug. A barn needs to be raised. A highway needs to be constructed. A competitor needs to be withstood. Lend one another a helping hand, and whistle while you work. Outcome, Collective force results in bridges being built.

Under strategy it says: Collective Force! This situation requires not only teamwork but team spirit. How will you unite the group? Hatred rallies just as easily as -- or easier than -- love. But does the end justify your means? And what are you setting yourself up for? Outcome: A few with conviction sway and move the many...for better or worse.

Money: Combined Resources! Few have the financial resources to do everything they'd like to do. But by combining accounts and sharing risk, a larger effort can be pulled off. Put everything in writing up front in order to protect your own...assets. Outcome: A joint effort is pulled off.

------------ for line two changing: A front is put up. Don't be taken in by the politics. Below the fine rhetoric and the high ideals lie cold, cruel power facts.

"The Great Wide Open"

For work: Time and Temperature! Do you run by the clock, or does the clock run you? It seems there are not enough hours in the day or days in the week to cope with the changes that have come about so quickly. Anmd yet nature has a way of recovering fast...even from disaster. Outcome: The work climate improves...and then the economy.

for Money: Oil and silicon! There's liquid gold in them thar fields -- or is it computer chips? Natural resources come and go, and so do the needs for them. But though the price of real estate rises and falls, the land -- regardless of its perceived worth -- endures. Invest in it, and you will never be without a place to go. Outcome: It's time to reevaluate things.

Strategy: Give and Take! This is a situation where fate plays a leading role. The Forces of Nature are involved...and The Powers that Be. But all things considered, it is you who determine what these Acts of God will mean. The answer lies in your natural response. Outcome: Build on the foundation that already exists.
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