Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

What is taking so long?

I am still waiting for Rhonda to do my evaluation at work of me... Sometime in the chaos of last week I even saw some paper or something being carried to the desk with my name on it by one of the supervisors and I'm not sure but it looked like some kinda report? :-( And still this damned thing is being dragged out ad infinitum at least to catch me off guard and I hate it!

What is Rhonda trying to do? Gather evidence? Waiting until I slip up so she can have an excuse to terminate me? I've heard that there's still some sort of labor crisis and I saw a hard copy of a memo email the other day that all the delivery people have to sign because there's at least one couple that wrote $1,500 worth of checks that bounced or something...anyhow there's people that owe the company $1,500 and I'm afraid it's all going to trickle down to any of the following: adjusting supplies purchases, adjusting labor hours, laying people off.... and if it comes down to cutting back on stuff to at least recoup on that, I'm always afraid that with a $1500 corporate wide shortfall that I'm going to be cut!! Then there's Rooster Days which is a local festival that is done every May and fall and started as a turkey shoot, I could be wrong about the origin...anyway...of course everyone goes out to eat and takes their out of town guests with them and then other people come from out of town because they know about Rooster Days and they slam us on the "payday" days Wednesday and Friday and I HATE IT!! Rhonda probably wanted to note how ticked I could get on those days too especially Wed when she just out and told mom without consulting me first to just come back in an hour....and I really wanted to get off so I can go sell back my textbook at the campus bookstore and I became afraid I might not make it on time.

I really hate this....

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