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sometimes I think of the past...well more than sometimes. I miss people, old friends and people I used to talk to on the net and places I used to visit. However it also is bittersweet and hurts.

Don't worry, those of you that still read this journal, I'm not deleting or going away. At least I won't post any less than I currently am doing now. I friggen paid for lifetime account so I'll be here until whoever owns LJ eventually deems it unprofitable to run.

I just, miss the sites that aren't around any longer and the groups that have disappeared. I miss Sixdegrees and the people I met there, the groups I joined on Onelist/Yahoogroups (of which all the 6D groups and other social network refugee groups are all dead and the one PBEM I played there died and now I don't think exists anymore), I miss the World Wide Friends group that I took over from Dan who took it over from Jessica who started it. That group died too. Once in a great while I toy with the idea of starting it back up again but who'd want to in this age of Facebook and Twitter? I miss the Seventh Order PBEM too even though I stopped posting after Sheila dumped me and never took the chance to wrap up my loose ends before the group finally did vanish.

I also miss the telnet talkers I used to frequent alot and hanging out on IRC in Singapore Surf back when IRC was more than just spam bots and ads and ICQ before it died and all the friends I met there stopped using and I lost touch.

There's a ton more that I miss...that makes me sad. I know I shouldn't remember the past like that...look forward and not in the rear view and stuff...but sometimes I go to some places, and I go here to blog, and the memories come back. It's sad.
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