Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

I WILL NOT!! spend time in ANY hot tub AGAIN!!!

My mom was house sitting this week for one of her house cleaning clients and today having lunch with her at that house, she asked me if I wanted to spend time in the hot tub...I agreed since I missed the CT hood meeting I planned to get online when I got home to catch up on the meeting...WRONG!!!!! Right when I got online WITH A GOOD CONNECTION mom asks me if I'm online since she wanted to make a phone call to my uncle (she's trying to have a better relationship with her siblings) and so I grudgingly logged off the second after I logged on!! I waited from an hour to infinity for her to get UNBORGIFIED from the goddamn phone (she called my aunt and grandma since she forgot the uncle's number) for me to jump for the mouse and click "connect" BUT the damned thing redialed and while it was doing the countdown cycle to redial the damned phone RANG!! So I spend another forever waiting for that call to end and then was told to stay off for 30 minutes and then before THAT was up....another phone call...and now mom's FINALLY FUCKING UNBORGED FROM THE DAMN PHONE AND NOW I'M HAVING TO PUT UP WITH THE DAMN CONNECTION HANGING!!!! DIAL-REDIAL-REDIAL-REDIAL-ERROR, ERROR, ERROR, SHIIIIIt!!!!!!!!!!

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