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Shrek was great!!

I especially liked the message of it even though it mostly goes in one ear and out the other. Loved the "Eat Me" and the dragon stuff.... Very funny and memorable...

Now I'm pissed at the damn weather ppl...I don't give a shit how many damn tornados were in the Channels 2, 6, and 8 broadcast area in NE Oklahoma!!! They should have broken up this at least 2.5 HOUR session of waving the pointer around the map and drawing circles and lines and analyzing EVERY F**KING RAIN MOLECULE into little bite chucks so they could show the new Anne Frank movie at the regular time and also so I could watch "Touched By An Angel" and I don't think Channel 6 would rebroadcast the last half of that Season Finale of "Angel" but I know that channel 8 is planning on rebroadcasting the first half of "Anne Frank" later...I have a whole coffee pot brewed just in case b/c I WILL stay up AS LONG AS IT TAKES to watch that movie!! I don't want to tape it...and probably no room on tape to do that I WILL STAY UP EVEN IF IT'S ALL F**KING NIGHT!!!
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