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What the hell...yo!!!

You all would never guess what Brain Fart Joe just told me while bringing me home....(I was going to write what crap I'm going through at work but that would be another entry...again)

Okay those of you that had me on their friends list back 1.5 months ago when I got hand delivered the letter from Julie, the Gatesway transportation department director, saying that because of budget cuts, that my services would be cut off as of two weeks ago....

Anyway, BFJ just told me that last Tuesday or Thursday,, I forgot if it's generally someone high up in Gatesway or one of the people directly above Julie...but they came to Julie and fired her!! They just said for her to box everything up and leave and don't come back. They changed the locks on all the doors...and BFJ said that there was some misallocation of funds the other year.

You may wonder who's head of the department now? They transferred back from another department someone who used to work in transportation...someone my mom and I commonly refer to in both English and Klingon as "Bitch With Attitude," a grotesquely huge feminine thing named Bebe. This person is generally disagreeable and got transferred because she got fed up w/ Julie (can't see why....seems like people get fed up with her instead). The reason why mom and I call her that is because it started with her following the rules so damned literal. For instance when the introduction paperwork said that the lift driver does "curb to curb service," BWA really follows through...she (or shoudl I say "it") pulls up to the curb (where everyone else pulls in the driveway) and honks...

Another thing that used to drive at least me to irritation is that BWA usually comes early but still expects me (and possibly others on her list too) to come straight she ticks off the seconds to a minute or two from pull up time and then leaves. The others usually just chill out and wait until the scheduled time if they come early....

One time before my very old VCR finally broke down and I had to get the one that I'm using now, I got in the shower at about 9:30 or 25 till, and then when I finished I was getting dressed and got halfway dressed while looking at my watch which I remember was like around 9:50 and I think the dogs were barking or that I heard a faint noise like a honk. I didn't get my VCR set up to tape Days (this time was before I started watching Passions too) so I stepped out briefly to see what it was and looked through the door window and BWA was out there!! I hurried up and thrown everything on and grabbed socks and shoes and fee money and SHRIEKED at the dogs to "get to bed" so they won't tear up the house and rushed out the door right when BWA was about to pull away and I jumped in and said "I was taking a shower, damn" and the next thing I knew, she was on the cell phone to Julie saying that I was "cussing up a storm"!!! The reason why I almost got left behind is that back then, they usually sent someone else to get me and only when that one person calls in and couldn't come in, do the remaining ones split up that one driver's list...and BWA always used to get me. (the old VCR, I accidentally dropped the remote that came with it in the toilet because I was using the VCR for something and I took the remote in the bathroom to use the bathroom and I dropped it....screwed up the remote bad enough to where I had to get a universal BUT there was no "Timer Record" button on it so at the end I had to unplug the VCR to get it off of memory and then when I need to set it up for Timer Record, I had to reset the clock, and the memory, and then tape 30 minutes of fluff at SP -- couldn't change the speed either except in the memories -- to set it up to tape when I'm gone...)

Then a few weeks later my usual driver called in again so BWA had to come get me and of course I didn't know until the van pulls into the driveway and so like I forgot what I was doing but apparently I learned my lesson from weeks before and was a little more prepared but still I was like "Oh shit it's BWA!!" and mom looked out and said "Yeah it's her..." so I went out and I forgot what for, but mom went out there too and when I got in my mom made some comment like "She's here quite early isn't she?" and then when we weren't even to the corner, BWA asks me for my number and of course I didn't really want to risk asking what for so I give it to her and then she immediately calls my mom and chews her out for making that comment claiming that they all have this "ten minute either way" window and stuff like that and that I was still on the service out of obligation since by this time, according to her, they've lost enough funding that they couldn't really provide services to anyone outside the Gatesway system (as in anyone that isn't living at a Gatesway group home or cottage or duplex....) but I learned later that even though they were and still are down to three drivers and a director now and that they aren't even bothering with issuing and renewing the Trasnportation department client IDs anymore (I still have mine that expired May 22, 2000), that I wasn't the only one being picked up that wasn't or isn't entrenched in the Gatesway system other than transportation department.

When I heard that BWA transferred to another department, I cheered and BFJ, who was the one who told me about THAT too, said that he was glad she transferred and that my usual driver was glad that she transferred too...

But now after Julie got fired and they transferred BWA BACK to transportation department.... BFJ said that if he wasn't so old, he'd quit. He also said that the lady that used to be my regular driver up to a few months ago when they hired the new gal that was closer to my age (a lot closer) turned in her 2 weeks notice today! The driver I had up until the very end is putting applications out there and probably would go to K*Bee Toys at this one mall if they hire her... I'm glad I got her number.

Anyway I hope this all fits and if not, I'll copy it, just in case....

Next will come the outrageous crap I'm going through at work...
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